• 3 Things You Need Now
  • The US government has started deploying US troops on US soil.
  • Local police are stocking up on ammo and weapons.
  • Why is the government preparing for civil unrest?
  • Because…
  • Collapse of the US dollar and another banking crisis are looming.
  • People are fed up with constant surveillance and militarized police using controversial tactics.
  • Civil unrest is inevitable…and the government knows it!
Emergency Food
Complete First Aid Kit
Survival Kit (in Grab-n-Go Backpack)

These 3 items will give you the option to hunker down in your home or leave town quickly.

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Emergency Pack 120 - 72-hr kit for 6-8 people

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Your order will include all of the items listed above. Orders through the end of November 2013 will also include a free 24-oz micro-filtration water bottle. Please visit one of the product pages for a complete listing of the meals included with your emergency food storage and all of the items included in the first aid kit and survival kit backpack.