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Fruit Garden Seeds Kit

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Fruits make a delicious and nutritious addition to any food stockpile. This fruit seeds kit contains a mix of 10 popular fruit seeds scientifically dried to allow for a long shelf life while ensuring high germination rates. Start planting today, or make this kit part of your survival seed supply.



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This kit contains a mix of 10 popular fruit seeds that have been scientifically dried to create high germination rates. Start planting today, or make this fruit seek kit part of your survival seed supply. Fresh fruits make a great addition to any preparedness stockpile, especially if you can grow fresh and nutritious fruit yourself.

The seeds are packaged to ensure long shelf life. Seed varieties are sealed separately in triple-layer Mylar packaging to ensure their freshness once you are ready to start planting.
The fruit garden seeds kit includes the following seed varieties, as well as a detailed Growing Guide:
Fruit Garden Seed Kit
Package Information - 

Open-Pollinated Heirloom Seeds
5+ Year Storage
Germination Rates Over 80% Up to 5 Year  Shelf Life
Germination Rates Over 50% Up to 15 Year Shelf Life
Growing Guide Included
To Ensure Maximum Storage Life -

Store in a Cool Dry Place
Store in Freezer to Further Extend Storage Life
Open-pollinated Seeds - Recover and Save Seeds
Sealed in Triple-Layer Mylar Pouch
Re-sealed in Pest Resistant Bucket

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Manufacturer Legacy Premium
Weight (lbs) 4.0000
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